The “Nature|Nurture” body of work is represented in photographic mixed media pigment prints.

I praise my children as they notice the minutiae in Nature, ‘good eyes’ I say. The skill of observation is being lost… I notice it in myself.  I think I understand a place, yet when I arrive and spend time searching for details, I am most often surprised by what I learn. The subtle detail of life and death passes and we do not notice the treasures we trample or pass by. Through close observation I search for life and meaning in my surrounding environment. Our survival on Earth depends on our willingness to know and value the yeomen of Nature who live out their lives filtering the bay, decomposing the forest, and providing oxygen and food for our nourishment. Through my work I construct larger than life views of Nature using photography and scanography. It is only through careful study that all integral parts of Nature are revealed.